Skladba: All For Love
Ver. 1:
D Dsus D
When it's love you give
I'll be a man of good faith
Dsus D
then love you'll live
I'll make a stand I wont blink
D/#F G
I'll be the rock you can build on
Be there when you're old
to have and to hold
Ver. 2:
When theres love inside
I'll swear I'll always be strong
then there's a reson why
I'll prove to you we belong
I'll be the world that protects you
From the wind and the rain,
From the hurt and the pain
N.C. D D/#F G
Let's make it all for one, all for love
Em7 D/A
Let the one you hold be the one you want
the one you need
D/#F G Bm A D/#F G
Cause when it's all for one, it's one for all
Emi7 D/F#
when there's someone that you know
then just let you feelings show, and make it
G D/#F Em7 A D
all for one, all for love
Ver. 3:
When it's love you make
I'll be the fire in your night
then it's love you take
I will defend I will fight
I'll be there when you need me
When honor's at stake
thi wow i will make
Ver. 4:
Bm G
Don't lay our love to rest
Em7 D/#F G
cause we could stand up to the test
A Bm D/#F G
We've got everything and more than we had planned
Asus A Bm D/#F
more than rivers that run the land
G, A
We've got it all in our hands

Akordy kytara:
D, Dsus, D/#F, G, D/A, A, N.C., Em7, Bm, Emi7, D/F#, Asus, G,
kytara akord D ( akord Dsus ( akord G ( akord D/A ( akord A ( akord Em7 ( akord Bm ( akord Emi7 ( akord Asus (
Akordy ukulele:
ukulele akord D ( akord Dsus ( akord G ( akord A ( akord Bm ( akord Asus (
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Adams Bryan - All For Love [text a akordy na]

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