Skladba: Black Country Rock
Pack a pack horse up and rest up here on
Black Country Rock
You never know,you might find it here on,
tohle místo
je podloženo jen basovým riffem né akordem
Db Ab
Some say the vief iscrazy
Ab G Gb F
But youmay adopt another point ofwiew
F Db Ab
Soif it's much toohasy
Ab G Gb F
You canleave my friend andme with found adieu

Akordy kytara:
F, Ab, Bb, tohle, místo, Db, G, Gb
kytara akord F ( akord Ab ( akord Bb ( akord Db ( akord G ( akord Gb (
Akordy ukulele:
ukulele akord F ( akord Bb ( akord G (
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Bowie David - Black Country Rock [text a akordy na]

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Bowie David

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