Skladba: Happy Rishikesh Song
Autor: Beatles
G Em G Em
All you need to do is to say this little word;
G Em D
I know it sounds absurd but it's true.
G Em G Em
The magic in the mantra will give you all the answers.
Just swallow this, that's all you got to do.
Everything you need is here,
And everything that's not here is not there,
And if there's something missing in this God almighty plan
G Em G Em
Could it be you need a woman?
First Verse
Second Verse (n.c. on last line)
First Verse
Take three times a day after every meal.
First Verse

Akordy kytara:
G, Em, D, n.c.
kytara akord G ( akord Em ( akord D (
Akordy ukulele:
ukulele akord G ( akord Em ( akord D (
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Beatles - Happy Rishikesh Song [text a akordy na]

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