Skladba: Rest beside me, Sara
G Ami F C
Rest beside me, Sara
Ami Dmi
Turn the page and yield to me
Due to all under your feet
Including me, Sara
Do You remember,Sara
As we lay in golden grain
And we smoked away our pain
With a cigarette, Sara
G Dmi
In the breath of the wheat field
We were pierced by the late yield
As we lay there all alone
Dmi G
In the mist of all being
Confined to one meaning
Dmi Ami
On that sunday, so well known
Together, two craven bold
Dmi Ami
And the seed which was not sown
Just a cigarette, Sara
Ain´t it funny, Sara
As in the wheat, so long ago
All I have is tobacco
Will you keep it, Sara
That penitent stranger
Who carries a danger
Of your love and your peace
In a struggle so hard earned
To win back youre pardon
Let your wrong be upon He
Princess, I´m lost and cold
If only I could hold
Such a burden, Sara

Akordy kytara:
G, Ami, F, C, Dmi
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Akordy ukulele:
ukulele akord G ( akord Ami ( akord F ( akord C ( akord Dmi (
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