Skladba: The Distance
Autor: Jovi Bon
Dsus2 G Bm G
Dsus2 G Bm G
verse 1
Dsus2 G
There's a train out in the distance
Dsus2 G
destination still unknown
Bm G
Far away where no one's waiting
so far from home, so far from home
verse 2
Dsus2 G
There's a rose outside your window
Dsus2 G
the first snow is falling down
Bm A
Like that lonesome whistle blowing
I keep on going, keep on going...
Dsus2 G
Close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through these
Dsus2 G
dark clouds You are the light
Dsus2 G
In my mind I see your red dress and your arms are
Bm G
reaching through the night
G G/F# G G/F# G
I'll never give up the fight
I'll go the distance
play intro
verse 3
Dsus2 G
There's a thread that runs between us
Dsus2 G
pulling 'cross this great divide
Bm A
It's only there for the believers
Don't stop believing, don't stop believing
play chorus a few times and then play
A B D C# B A
ill go the distance

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